Monday, July 22, 2013

Inspirational Lines and Quotes About Hard Work

The darkest night is often the bridge to the brightest tomorrow.

Teach by example. Live and let live. Do onto others as you would them do onto you.

If you never take action, you’ll never reach it.

No matter how things go wrong..just make sure that giving up is not part of an option!

It doesn’t matter how many times you failed..what matters is you stand and try again.

Challenges makes you more responsible. Always remember that life without struggle is a life without success.

Don’t give up and learn not to quit.

There is no market for your emotions, so never advertise your feelings, just show your attitude.

Never give up work.

There is only one angle from which to look at life. The TRY-angle.

When you do something from the bottom of your heart, and your intention was to nothing but good from the beginning; it leaves room for nothing more than a great ending.

If God put you to it he’ll get you through it.

Practice makes progress, because nothing is perfect.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Parable of the Talents

Everything we have is a gift from God. All good things are gifts from God (1 Timothy 6:17). Food and clothing (Matthew 6:25, 33), rain and fruitful harvests (Leviticus 26:4), faith (Ephesians 2:8), grace (James 4:6), wisdom (Proverbs 2:6, James 1:5), and life itself (Isaiah 42:5) are all gifts from God.

Jesus often told a story to teach a lesson. Below is the story of the talents.

One day a man was going on a long trip. He needed his servants to take care of his property while he was gone, so he called them to him.

To the first servant he gave five talents of money. (A talent was not a coin, but a weight of a precious metal such as silver, and one talent was worth more than $1,000. So this servant received money worth more than $5,000.)

This man went to work at once using his money until he had doubled it. He now had ten talents instead of five.

The master gave the second man two talents. He probably thought the man was capable of managing that amount of money. The second man was successful also, and doubled his money. He began with more than $2,000 and now he had twice as much.

The third man was not as capable as the other two, but the master gave him one talent with the expectation that he would manage it well. He, too, could have increased his money, but he dug a hole and hid it in the ground.

After a long time the master returned. (Some think the master's trip is a picture of Jesus returning to heaven, and the return from the trip is the judgment of mankind.) He was ready for a report from the servants.

The man who had received five talents brought his money and showed the master that he had doubled it. He was happy to show his master the results.

The master was well pleased. He said, "Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master's happiness!"

The man that had been given two talents showed the master that he had also doubled his money. He received the same words of praise as the first man who had received five talents.

The man who had received one talent dug up the talent he had buried and brought it to the master. He accused the master of being a hard man to work for, said he had been afraid, so he just buried his talent. He gave it back to the master saying, "See, here is what belongs to you."

The master was very angry with him and called him a wicked, lazy servant. He said the man should at least have put the money with bankers and received some interest. (Now the Jews could not charge nor receive interest from a fellow Jew, but they could get interest from a person who was not a Jew.)

The master took his one talent away from him and gave it to the man who had ten talents, and the one talent man was punished because he had not properly used the talent he had been given.

What can we learn from this story? We need to use whatever "talent" God has given us. It might be money or ability. If we use it wisely, He will increase it so that our lives will glorify Him.

This parable of Jesus teaches you to use the talent that God has given you. And you do have some things that you can do really well.

Make a list of the things you do well. Use those talents for God. You may discover that He has given you a new talent; one that you didn't even suspect that you had. Then find a way to use that talent for Him!

For everyone who has will be given more, and he will have abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him.

Matthew 25:29 (NIV)

I really like this parable. God give us talents, abilities and those are precious gifts. Whatever gifts or talent we have use it for God to benefit others. Let us work and use these talents to serve. If we don’t use what God has given to us, He will take it away and give it to someone else who will make it grow. But if we use our talents wisely, God will give us more.

Each of us has something to give. Don't be afraid to start, work and grow. Stop doubting yourself and start living. Don't over think things, just do it.

“How can I make it?”

“Can I really make this work?”

“I'm afraid to start”

“What if I fail?”

If you are doing something for yourself it will benefit others. Bless your life so you can be a blessing to other people.

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