Sunday, September 22, 2013

Nerds and Free Spirits Unite

Ej and I attended class 2 of Financial Peace University home-study lead by Kuya Jonathan and company. The group prepared yummy pancit canton and bihon for the dinner. :)

In this chapter, Dave Ramsey talked about people who are in a relationship, singles, married and have kids. He explained the differences between men and women spending practices. Men get good deals by negotiating while women get good deals by hunting. When it comes to money both have different attitudes, ideas and methods. I found this interesting and true, men and women are different - period.

Personally, I'm emotional while my partner EJ is logical. I spend more stuffs on sale, buy things based on the look. Design matters to me while EJ spend more of his money on technology. He don't look much on the outer he care about performance and what's inside that thing. Before buying he will sit down browse several videos on Youtube to review the gadgets he wants to. He didn't care if it will takes him days, weeks, months to review.

Continuation, Dave Ramsey discussed the two personality types of people in the handling money, the free spirited people and the nerd.

Free Spirited person are the people who act freely,  they are the "spender" and the people who doesn't want to be tied down to a budget while the nerd person are the people loves numbers, they are good in Math, they likes doing the budget and they are the "saver".

Both needs each other in handling money, the nerd should be the one who will make the budget after doing it give time for the free spirit to suggest. If the free spirit gives opinion agree to the changes and make them. This way, both people will involved in the financial decision making. when both partners are on the same page about goals and attitudes, both partners can go a long way.
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