Monday, September 9, 2013

"Rich Man, Poor Man - Who's The Beggar Man Or Thief?" (Part 4)

(Continued from part 3)

OF COURSE SOME SAY THAT THE VERY RICH AND POWERFUL AND INTELLIGENT UPPER CLASS AND THE SEMI-SO MIDDLE CLASS ARE NEEDED TO DIRECT AND MANAGE THE LABOUR OF THE POOR MAN who doesn't really know what's good for him or how to manage himself and his own affairs, so they must do it for him. So as long as he is fed, clothed and housed with the barest necessities and doesn't have to slave too hard to earn them the poor are usually content or made to be content and conditioned to be satisfied by the System of rich that rule them so there will be no strikes or riots or rebellions and everybody will be comfortable and peaceful and fairly happy--except for the rich!

THE RICH ARE NEVER COMFORTABLE ENOUGH, SELDOM PEACEFUL AND HARDLY EVER HAPPY! So since they got rich in the first place thinking that more things and more power would make them happier and yet they're still not happy, they are continually seeking even more things and even more power to try to be more happy. But this actually makes them even more unhappy because they have to break God's loving laws of equality and sharing to do it!

AND SINCE THEY DO NOT DARE TAKE MORE, OR AT LEAST NOT MUCH MORE, FROM THE MIDDLE CLASS whom they must try to keep happy lest they rebel against them, there's only one class left that they can both oppress and rob and cheat and even slaughter if necessary to keep themselves in power and make themselves richer than ever, and that's the poor man, the pitifully poor underdog who can never see any way to get out of his dilemma, and so is just thankful if he manages to stay alive!

BUT WHEN THE RICH AND SEMI-RICH BEGIN TO PASS THE BUCK OF MORE TAXES, HARDER LABOUR, HIGHER PRICES AND WORSE CONDITIONS ONTO HIM, MR. POORMAN, IT BEGINS TO BE ALMOST TOO MUCH FOR HIM TO BEAR! So he starts striking and rioting and demonstrating in protest to get a little more of what's coming to him, at least his poor little share of his actual needs!

AND IF THESE NEEDS ARE NOT MET AND HE AND HIS FAMILY ARE ACTUALLY HUNGRY OR STARVING OR FREEZING FROM THE COLD FROM LACK OF CLOTHING, FUEL OR SHELTER, MR. POORMAN WILL SOMETIMES GET SO DESPERATE JUST TO LIVE, HE AND HIS FELLOWS MAY RISE UP TOGETHER AND START A GREAT REBELLION CALLED A "REVOLUTION" to overthrow their rich and middle class oppressors and robbers of the poor and establish a new government with poor people in power to rule in favour of the poor instead of the rich.

THESE ARE SOMETIMES CALLED "SOCIALIST" OR "COMMUNIST" OR "REVOLUTIONARY" GOVERNMENTS, WHEN THE POOR HAVE HAD ENOUGH AND FEEL IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE! The only trouble is this usually only creates a new class of the newly rich and powerful because of the greedy evil hearts of men, both rich and poor, so that none are ever satisfied no matter what they have without the real Love of God in their hearts for their fellowmen!

SO THE RICH, GOVERNMENTS, SOCIETIES, AND EMPIRES COME AND GO, BUT AS JESUS SAID, "THE POOR YE HAVE ALWAYS WITH YOU." Even under a new government intended to help the poor, some always get rich and powerful and become the new rich oppressing the new poor. And so it goes on and on and we're back to "square one" again, even when there is a change in some places with some peoples.

THE POOR LABOURING TOILERS OF THE WORLD OF THE POOR who through blood, sweat and tears have for years produced the raw materials from which these things are made by their richer neighbors are finally demanding a higher share in the enjoyment of these products by insisting on higher wages for their labours and higher prices for their goods.

THIS HAS HELPED CAUSE THE PRESENT WAVE OF WORLDWIDE INFLATION, WHICH SIMPLY MEANS A CLIMBING SPIRAL OF A VICIOUS CYCLE OF CONTINUOUSLY RISING PRICES AND WAGES. Since the rich and the powerful always control the governments and the prices, they keep raising these prices faster than the poor labourers can get their poor wages raised.

SO MR. POORMAN FINDS HE CAN NEVER MAKE ENOUGH MONEY TO GET AHEAD OF THE RAPIDLY RISING PRICES of the things he needs, and the poorer nations cannot even raise the prices of their raw materials as fast as the richer nations can raise the prices of the finished products which the rich process and market and sell back to them.

SO THAT IT CAUSES THE RICH TO GET RICHER AND THE POOR STILL POORER by comparison no matter how much more they get for their raw materials and labours, because the rich industrial nations buy these raw materials from the poor and make them into things wanted by the rich at prices the poor cannot afford.

THE RICH ARE ALWAYS CLEVER ENOUGH AND HAVE ENOUGH CONTROL OF THE GOVERNMENTS AND MARKETS AND MONEY TO ALWAYS SOMEHOW MANAGE TO GET THE LION'S SHARE. For example, no matter how much the farmer gets for his products and as little as it usually is, by the time the finished products reach the markets where the poor labourer has to buy them back in order to eat, the men in the middle, the rich manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers and the banks and governments and big money men who finance them, have made most of the money between the poor producer and the poor consumer who constitute the vast majority of the people.

THESE RICH MIDDLE-MEN ARE LIKE THE MONEY CHANGERS AND MAKERS AND BUYERS AND SELLERS OF GOODS AND WARES THAT JESUS DROVE OUT OF THE TEMPLE WITH A WHIP, overturning their tables and scattering their money because they were polluting His Temple and robbing the poor! And the money changers of today have still not changed, they're just the same, they are still polluting man's temple of the earth and robbing its poor of their sacrifices!

BUT THE WIND OF GOD'S WHIP OF JUDGMENTS IS BEGINNING TO CRACK AGAIN and His angry Voice is being heard again and the tables are once more being over turned as the rich are beginning to themselves be destroyed by their own riches and evil pollution of the earth!

THE WORLD'S WORST WASTERS LIKE THE NEWLY RICH UNITED STATES AND WESTERN EUROPE ARE BEGINNING TO BE BURIED IN THEIR OWN WASTE and suffocated by their own befouled air and poisoned by their own polluted waters from the wasteful byproducts of their wanton wastefulness!

THEIR MONEY SYSTEM IS ALSO COLLAPSING because they have built it on paper and now even mere electronic impulses instead of real valuables such as the gold and silver from whence it came! The paper empires of the paper tigers of paper money, paper stocks, paper bonds, paper cheques, paper securities, paper deeds and paper contracts are beginning to burn like a wick without the oil and raw goods that used to feed it!

MR. RICHMAN DISCOVERED OIL IN THE BACK YARD OF MR. POORMAN AND TRADED HIM PAPER MONEY FOR IT so Mr. Richman could burn it wastefully and luxuriously in his rich industries, rich homes, rich cars, trains and planes and create a massive mess of plastic luxury products from petrochemicals derived from Mr. Poorman's oil and upon which the rich world has become so dependent that it thinks it cannot survive without it!

BUT MR. POORMAN, AFTER MANY YEARS OF PUMPING HIS PRECIOUS OIL OUT OF HIS OWN BACK YARD FOR POVERTY-LEVEL PRICES TO TURN THE WHEELS OF MR. RICHMAN'S INDUSTRIES AND LIMOUSINES AND PLASTIC TOYS HAS SUDDENLY AWAKENED that he's been selling his precious commodity too cheap and has been losing his share of its benefits for many years while Mr. Richman has been getting ever richer on it as well as wasting it because Mr. Poorman was selling it too cheap!

SO IT HAS FINALLY DAWNED ON MR. POORMAN THAT HE SHOULD RAISE THE PRICE OF HIS OIL TO WHAT IT'S REALLY WORTH TO GET BACK SOME OF HIS SHARE OF THE VAST RICHES WHICH HIS OIL HAS CREATED FOR MR. RICHMAN. So Mr. Richman is now furious and screaming that he's being robbed by Mr. Poorman because he can't rob Mr. Poorman anymore of his just desserts for his oil.

THEREFORE, MR. RICHMAN IS NOW YELLING FOR THE HELP OF HIS RICH NEIGHBOURS, whom the oil has also helped to make rich, and is complaining to the rest of the world that Mr. Poorman is now the robber, so they should all help Mr. Richman rob it back again from Mr. Poorman to whom it really belongs! (Continued in Part 5)


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