Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I cancelled my Fatcow account but they still charged me for renewal fee

Last year, I purchased domain and hosting account at Fatcow because they are having a good promotion but because of some personal reasons I didn't push myself to work on the site within a year.

This year is my renewal date. I cancelled my hosting a week before the renewal date. I did received some email reminder  so I take action to downgrade my account. But then last week I saw an email that they successfully renewed my account. Whoah! I felt like they are stealing my money because they charged me automatically >.< I already put down the site before the scheduled date of renewal why they are charging me. I talked to the support via livechat and complained about this. (At least I found livechat at Fatcow who were willing to assist.)

Now, I need to wait for the refund, the other amount they charged me will not be back because of their some Auto Policy reason. A reminder to all Fatcow subscribers don't just cancel your account online they wouldn't do it better to talk to the support via live chat and ask for help to turn down the site. And also always check and read your emails.



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