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This is a short story about what led me to create WorkSaveInvest blog.

My fiancé and I are Overseas Filipino Worker in Singapore. We've been living together for almost three years now.

We earn and we spend, spend and earn - like a chain. During our first year, we don't talk about money, about our money. He managed his own income, I managed mine. We don't know about proper budget and savings plan. But, we don't have debts. We don’t have personal stories about thousands of dollars in credit card debts because we don't have credit cards.

Most of our income goes to our family expenses, it's our first priority to support them. It is part of our Filipino culture, one goes away to support. Thus, buying unnecessary stuffs, eating in a fancy restaurant, having gadgets is our way to relief stress at work. There was one time in a month that we spent more than we earn. We just did the things that lots of people do, no written budget, no savings plan, enjoying life and sharing blessings. We don't think about the future, our future.

Some of our relatives and friends thinks that we are financially rich. Whenever we go back home, it looks like we have a dollar signs $ on our head.

Fast forward to three years, we are not married yet. We have so many plans ahead, we don't want to be OFW forever and  lack of financial knowledge at mid-20's is very alarming. I kept wondering why we didn't seem to have enough money. We work, we do save but I realized we are just saving to spend it all short time (for vacation) and back to zero again.

We thought that we are in the wrong track about our finances and we should change our mindset. Now, I've been reading books and ebooks I found online about money and investing. We've been interested in attending seminars to learn, learn, learn.

Nowadays, we talked about our finances. We started our separate emergency funds and we are now saving for our marriage. We created a monthly budget and we follow it. Why? Because we start worrying about our future. We don't know until when we can work and earn dollars, we don't know what tomorrow can brings.

It takes lot of time and effort to change from being a spender into saver but little by little the result is very rewarding. I think some good tips in starting this financial freedom journey is to surround yourself with positive good people, keep your goals and let Jesus be the center of your life.

So, this is my blogging journey to financial literacy. I want to share positive vibes, inspirations and personal discoveries with a goal to make a difference. I might not blog regularly but I will post surely.

Thanks for dropping by :)


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